Change Your Own Laptop Screen

As a tech savvy person, you tend to come across some gadget problems, basically because gadgets are what we make use of everyday. An example is what we will be reviewing in this article.

This article will educate you on the fundamentals of laptop screen replacement and what you will encounter in most laptop models however, it is not a comprehensive guide to ALL laptops. Intuition and a little research should make it easier to replace a laptop screen of different laptop models.

This will take you through the steps of changing an HP Notebook 15 series model LCD screen.

  1. This entails getting familiarized with the laptop components that will be involved in the replacement of a new screen. This includes getting the correct size of screen to be replaced as well as the screws. The size of a screen is measured diagonally. So if you’re using a 15.6" currently on your laptop, a new 15.6" must be the replacement and not a 15.7".
  2. Tools for disassembling the laptop lid: these tools help in making the procedure less complex and for an efficient result. They include the pry bar and screwdriver. The pry bar is used to pull two objects apart. The screwdriver is used for loosening and tightening screws. Both are used to detach the bezel from the lid of the laptop. Before moving on, make sure that you have disconnected all power sources from the laptop and that it is turned off.

3. Detaching the Bezel: The bezel is the rectangular shaped plastic that goes around the screen. It protects delicate materials from harm, such as chipped edges on the glass of an LCD screen. Towards the bottom of the screen, there are black squares or little black circles located on both sides, mostly rubber fillings or stickers. These are what hold the bezel in place. To remove the bezel, gently pry those rubber fillers off to reveal the screw underneath and unscrew. The pry bar is then used to gently separate the bezel from the screen. Do this sequentially, following a path to avoid damaging the screen.

4. The removal of the screen: this is the most delicate part of this repair. Because the screen is so fragile, it is vulnerable to harm from the tiniest pound of weight. After the bezel has been detached, there are two more screws to extricate at each top corner before the screen can be lifted. After taking these screws out, carefully place the screen on the keyboard. In some cases, double-sided adhesive tape is deployed.

5. Disconnect the cable Connector: This connector runs from the mother board. It is the one responsible for visual display on the screen, i.e., the graphics that are shown on the screen. It is located in the lower part of the screen. Gently peel off the tape that attaches the cable to the screen and slowly remove the cable from the port. This way, you don’t damage the port or the pins of the connector.

6. Inserting the new screen: having gotten a perfect match for the replacement, then the coupling of the parts starts. First, ensure the video connector is fixed properly in its port. Strap the new screen gently to the frame inside the lid, using either adhesive tape or screws to hold the screen in position. Put the bezel back on by lining it up so that it snaps appropriately into the screen case and won’t be effectively Reinsert the remaining screws into the bezel after you’re certain everything is snapped accurately into place. You shouldn’t be able to see any splits at all along the edges of the screen. Once the screws are embedded, rubber fillers or stickers.

Above are easy steps anyone can try out themselves to get their laptop screens replaced. I hope we found this simple DIY (Do it yourself) workshop handy, we love to give you more informative and educative content, you can comment on this post on our Instagram pages to drop suggestions on topics you would like us to write about.

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Quality and affordable repair at your fingertips. To order for a repair, visit

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